well, i thought that you’d been raptured
came home early from the factory
to find your favourite floral patterned

just lyin in the doorway
clashed with the colours of the floorin
they’ve got you singin in the chorus

wondered what made me the sinner
never been a perfect christian
but ain't i prayed and been forgiven

and i've worked to make a livin
and provided for my children
and wore the knuckles of my fingers

and i don't go in for drinkin
or carry on with other women
haven't smoked since you got pregnant

so how could i be made a sinner?
left down here among the livin
the unwashed and the imprisoned
the ones who did and said they didn't
while you're in heaven with the risen

i was snapped out of my dreamin
as if someone dragged a needle
across the record that was reelin

playin muffled through that speaker
where an unfamiliar t-shirt
and an empty pairs of jeans were

wonderin if you could be the sinner
left down here among the livin
all the unrepentant millions
who admit that they’ve committed
somethin they cannot be forgiven

and your camisole and leggings
made a path towards the bedroom
that i followed like a breadcrumb

and on the wall there was a dead man
nailed above the creakin headboard
and as i watched his limbs were spreadin

and he looked down on the bed there
at the tangle of the flesh there
where your souls were intermeshin
as if you were brought to heaven
with your dress still on the kitchen